Why choose Us

Finished to Perfection

No detail is left unattended. That’s why our stainless steel sinks look the way they do. After the top-quality stainless steel has been die-drawn, the finishing touches begin. The grinding, buffing, sanding and polishing that follows, much of it by hand, results in gleaming sinks in a selection of finishes.

Many of our sinks include our unique finishes such as:

  • Various thickness ranging from 0.4mm to 1.2mm thickness.
  • Stainless Steel Grade AISI 304 and AISI 201.
  • Plastic Coating
  • Life Time Warranty against any manufacturing defect.
  • Sound Deadening Pad
  • Finishes: Mirror Glossy Finish, Glossy Finish, Matt Finish and International Satin Finish
  • Available of all types of Edges: Inset, Undermount, Lay-on, Beeded.
  • High Quality Ceramic Coating Available on Request.

Shapes and Styles

Deepali come in convenient shapes and styles with durable finishes for years of reliable service. Whether you are peeling veggies, filling a stock pot or just washing you hands, you spend more time at your sink than in any other area in your kitchen. So choosing a sink isn’t decision you should make on a whim. As you browse through this guide, envision you kitchen and the way you intend to use it.

Limited Life Time Warranty

Deepali stainless steel sinks are produced to the highest manufacturing standards and are covered by a limited lifetime warranty that protects the original purchaser against any defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.

If upon determined by Deepali that the sink is defective, Deepali will replace without charge, with an equivalent sink or refund, will be sent to the original purchaser that it has been used in a residential application and installed, used and maintained according to the instructions supplied with the sink, and not damaged due to abuse, misuse or negligence.

This warranty will not cover any labour charges incurred in installation, removal, replacement or repair, transportation cost or any consequential damages, which might be caused by product.

Deepali shall not be liable in case of :-

  • Improper installation or modification of original product
  • Damages resulting from abuse, such as scratches by dropping heavy objects into the sink
  • Scratches resulting from scrubbing with steel wool, abrasive pads or cleaners
  • Improper application such as exposure to corrosive chemicals, or photographic solutions
  • Any commercial application

Care and Maintenance

Clean everyday by thoroughly rinsing with a mild soap and warm water and wipe dry. Keep the sink free of any standing water as this can cause a buildup of mineral deposit, which can affect the appearance of you sink.

Clean any mineral deposits built up over time with a mild solution of vinegar and water followed by a thorough flushing with water.

Emphasis on Function

Our stainless steel sinks offer a variety of features designed to enhance their use and increase your convenience. Extra-deep bowls accommodate large pots and pans. Interlarding drainage system helps you to keep your kitchen, sink as well as drain also. Durable construction is amazingly forgiving to drop glassware. Our exclusive Sound Guard/Undercoat sound-deadening system results in unmatched dampening of sound resonance. And every Deepali Sinks is designed to be dent-resistant and will not fade, stain or rust.

Versatile Style

Regardless of what type of kitchen design you’re envisioning, we have a sink to make it a reality. Whether you want the ease of a Sit-On, In-set, exclusive Top mount and the smooth lines of an Under mount.

Quality System ISO 9001 Certified

Our commitment to quality runs through every facet of our organization. This certification helps ensure that the products and support we provide to our customers are the best they can be.